Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creek :]

This would be my first shot with a tripod. It was obviously at the creek! The sun was going down and there wasn't enough light for a decent picture so I let the flash do all of the work and it actually turned out okay especially after editing :]

Flooowwweeerrrrr :]

Caught a flower, or whatever this is, just chillin' in the sunset the other day :]

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beyond The Shutter

Sup guys! Its ya boy Kemp! I'm 15 and I guess I'll tell you a bit about why I'm starting this blog :] 
Sooo I got a new DSLR camera (Canon T3i) and have been taking tons of pictures that no one sees and has been just for my own fun, but I guess I would like to just put some of my favorite pics and such out there for people to see. 
I basically just like to take pictures of anything around me that well.... anything that I wanna take a picture of, which is most of the time, nature :] Sooo not gonna say much more cause this joker is about the pictures and not me!